Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dawn Hawk (Germany) (Heavy Metal)\1990 Dawn Hawk

K.D. Haak   Bass
Werner Lieder   Drums
Frank Vandevera   Guitars
Frank Noak   Vocals
1.  Here We Are
2.  Running Wild
3.  Flying High
4.  Never  
5.  Freedom    
6.  Love Is Blind
7.  Going Crazy   
8.  Into the Night
9.  Berlin
10.  Nighthawk

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Return (Norway) (AOR - Melodic Rock)\1988 Attitudes

Knut Erik Ostgard vocals
Steinar Hagen guitars
Oyvnd Hakonsen drums
Tore Larsen bass

1. Steal Your Heart Away
2. Change the Attitude
3. Bye Bye Johnny
4. Sandy
5. The Loner
6. Sing Me a Song
7. Easy Come Easy Go
8. I'm Gonna Find You
9. The Day After
10. We All Have a Future

Pretty Maids (Denmark) (Melodic Heavy Metal)\1992 Sin-Decade

Kenn Jackson bass
Ken Hammer guitars
Ronnie Atkins lead vocals
Michael Fast drums, percussion
Alan Owen keyboards
Dominic Gale keyboards

1. Running Out
2. Who Said Money
3. Nightmare in the Neighborhood
4. Sin-Decade
5. Come on Tough, Come on Nasty
6. Raise Your Flag
7. Credit Card Lover
8. Know it Ain't Easy
9. Healing Touch
10. In the Flesh
11. Please Don't Leave Me Cover: John Sykes

Impulsia (Sweden) (AOR - Melodic Rock)\2009 Expressions

Johan Längquist lead vocals, piano, keyboard
Marcus Jidell guitars, keyboards
Uno Sjöström acoustic, electric guitars
Dave Martone electric guitar

Marcel Jacob bass
Thomas Broman drums
Robin Beck lead and background vocals
Anneli Pandora Magnusson lead vocals
James Christian background vocals

Katarina Leifsdotter background vocals
Tommy Denander guitars
Pontus Norgren guitars
Victoria Theodore piano
Rolf Jidell cello
Rickard Hux Flux Netterman drums

1. Fly Away
2. Rosa Lee
3. Layla  Cover: Derek and the Dominos
4. Alone
5. Oceans of Love
6. Slow Down
7. Too Many Heartaches
8. Move on
9. Seas to Cross
10. Dream on
11. Rosa Lee acoustic
12. River of Tears instrumental

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Animetal (Japan) (Speed Metal, covers)\1999 Complete First Live

Masaki Bass
Eizo Sakamoto Vocals
Yasuhiro Umezawa Drums
Yasushi "She-Ja" Kuroiwa Guitars

Disc 1
1. Animetal Theme
2. Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman
3. Umi no Triton
4. MC
5. Comblatter V
6. Yuusha Raiden
7. MC2
8. Uchuu Kishin Tekkaman
9. Drum Solo
10. Bass Solo
11. Guitar Solo
12. Grand Prix no Takada
13. Shinzou Ningen Casshan
14. MC3
15. Shippu Zabunguru

 Disc 2
1. Getter Robot
2. Cutey Honey
3. Mahou Tsukai Sally
4. Mazinger Z
5. Devilman
6. Ankooru
7. Galaxy Express 999
8. MC4
9. Kidou Senshi Gundam
10. Ankooru
11. MC5
12. This is Animetal (Type-2)

Galactica Phantom (Japan) (Melodic Power Metal)\2007 From The New Galaxy

1. In the Beginning
2. Rock'n Roll Wizard
3. Heaven
4. Shining Fantasy
5. Lament of Marie Antoinette
6. I Need your Love
7. Rock Wild
8. Bible Black
9. Tears of Memory

Tainted Angel (USA) (80s Hard Rock)\1992 A Little Heaven

Robert L. Petitjean II drums, backing vocals
Jeff Allen Lewis lead and backing vocals
Jason Bell bass, harmonica, backing vocals
Lynn Edward Glezen lead, rhythm, acoustic guitars, keyboard, backing vocals
John Tingley drums, backing vocals

1. I'll Wait
2. Winter Rose
3. Don't Go
4. Half a Man
5. Back Off
6. A Little Heaven
7. Coming Home
8. Memphis Skies

Talk of the Town (Sweden) (AOR - Melodic Rock)\1988 Talk of the Town

Thomas Vikstrom lead and backing vocals
Antonio Saluena guitar
Mats Jacobsson keyboards
Jonas Olson bass
Staffan Scharin drums
Johan Kullberg additional drums
Staffan Linder additional bass
Mats Olausson additional keyboards

Bonus tracks on the 1999 reissue from AOR Heaven.
Tracks 12-15 from Reach for the Sky.
Tracks 16-17 from Thomas Vikstrom's solo album If I Could Fly.
Tracks 18-19 previously unreleased.

1. Free Like an Eagle
2. Fever
3. Sing to the World
4. Undercover Love
5. I Love the Look in Your Eyes
6. Feel My Heartbeat
7. Livin' for Lovin'
8. You've Got Your Dreams
9. In the Night
10. The Power Inside
11. Wildcat
12. Top of the Mountain bonus track
13. Reach for the Sky bonus track
14. Strange Love bonus track
15. Come on Closer bonus track
16. Wish I Could Fly bonus track
17. Love Touch bonus track
18. Queen of the Night bonus track
19. Midnight Cowboy bonus track

Blindman (Japan) (Hard Rock - Heavy Metal)\1999 Being Human

1. Living a lie
2. Castle in the sand
3. Hot Blood
4. Remember my name
5. Blame yourself
6. Shine on
7. The path of your life
8. It will be strong
9. With the Judgment day
10. Being Human

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bonfire (Germany) (AOR - Melodic Rock)\1986 Don't Touch The Light

Claus Lessmann lead and backing vocals
Hans Ziller lead and acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Horst Maier-Thorn lead guitar, backing vocals
Joerg Deisinger bass, backing vocals
Dominic Huelshorst drums, backing vocals

1. Intro
2. Starin' Eyes
3. Hot to Rock
4. You Make Me Feel
5. Longing for You
6. Don't Touch the Light
7. SDI
8. No More
9. L.A.

STS 8 Mission (Germany) (Melodic Metal - Power Metal)\1995 Blind

Xaver Drexler vocals
Tom Schmitt guitar, keyboards
Rolf Sanders bass
Clive Borgards drums

1. State of Democracy
2. Daydreamer
3. Small Talk
4. Why
5. Cage of Love
6. Best of What I've Got
7. Everything You Like
8. Angel
9. New York, New York
10. Rage Against My Fear  
11. Lies acoustic bonus track
12. Stay acoustic bonus track  

Anthem (Japan) (80s Hard Rock - Heavy Metal)\2004 Eternal Warrior

Eizo Sakamoto vocals
Akio Shimizu guitars
Naoto Shibata bass
Hiro Homma drums

1. Onslaught
2. Eternal Warrior
3. Soul Cry
4. Life Goes On
5. Let the New Day Come
6. Distress
7. Bleeding
8. Omega Man
9. Easy Mother
10. Mind Slide

W.A.S.P. (USA) (Melodic Metal - Traditional Heavy Metal - Hard Rock)

Blackie Lawless lead vocals, bass
Chris Holmes lead and rhythm guitars
Randy Piper lead, rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Steve Riley drums, vocals

1. Wild Child
2. Ballcrusher
3. Fistful of Diamonds
4. Jack Action
5. Widowmaker
6. Blind In Texas
7. Cries In The Night
8. The Last Command
9. Running Wild In The Streets
10. Sex Drive

7th Heaven (USA) (80s Hard Rock)\2008 Unplugged (2CD)

Keith Semple Vocals, Guitar
Richard Hofherr Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Nick Cox Guitars, Vocals
Tammy Mooshey Vocals

Mark Kennetz Additional Bass


Disc 1
1. Hotel California Cover: The Eagles
2. Rhiannon Cover: Fleetwood Mac
3. Message In A Bottle Cover: The Police
4. Fields Of Gold Cover: Sting
5. Betty Davis Eyes Cover: Kim Carnes
6. Eleanor Rigby Cover: The Beatles
7. Another Brick In The Wall Cover: Pink Floyd
8. Landslide Cover: Fleetwood Mac
9. The Logical Song Cover: Supertramp
10. Long Long Way To Go Cover: Def Leppard
11. Time After Time Cover: Cyndi Lauper
12. Reelin' In The Years Cover: Steely Dan
13. Heart Of The Matter Cover: Don Henley
14. All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You Cover: Heart
15. Rosanna Cover: Toto
16. To Be With You Cover: Mr Big
17. Somebody's Baby Cover: Jackson Browne
18. Under Pressure Cover: Queen

Disc 2
19. In The Air Tonight Cover: Phil Collins
20. Listen To The Music Cover: Doobie Brothers
21. 25 Or 6 To 4 Cover: Chicago
22. Every Breath You Take Cover: The Police
23. Thank You Cover: Dido
24. Love Is On The Way Cover: Saigon Kick
25. Hysteria Cover: Def Leppard
26. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' Cover: Journey
27. Iris Cover: Goo Goo Dolls
28. Zombie Cover: The Cranberries
29. Sober Cover: Butch Walker
30. One Of These Nights Cover: The Eagles
31. King Of Pain Cover: The Police
32. Heaven Cover: Bryan Adams
33. Running Away Cover: Midnight Hour
34. You'll Think Of Me Cover: Keith Urban
35. Hallelujah Cover: Jeff Buckley
36. Wonderwall Cover: Oasis

Treat (Sweden) (AOR - Melodic Rock)\1987 Dreamhunter

Robert Ernlund vocals
Anders Wikstrom guitars, keyboards
Jamie Borger drums, percussions
Lillen Liljegren guitars
Ken Siewertson bass

Remastered 2001 release

1. Sole Survivor
2. You're the One I Want
3. Take Me on Your Wings
4. Best of Me
5. Dancing on the Edge
6. Outlaw
7. World of Promises
8. One Way to Glory
9. Save Yourself
10. The Winner
11. Tush Bonus Track Cover: ZZ Top
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